Our Mission

Our Mission

Bridge the Connectivity Gap.

Konnect America is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama that connects a national community of donors, friends, volunteers, and industry partners to the millions of households with Students in need of Broadband Services in America.  Konnect America is committed to bridging the connectivity gap by aiding and leveling the resources platform to better educate our next generation of future leaders.

Our Model

Partnerships with Internet Service Providers

We work with cable, satellite, and wireless providers including some of their prospective authorized resellers to deploy affordable internet solutions to rural low-income households.

Technology Enabled Awareness and Access

Through our various partnerships with the government, industry, and other non-profit organizations, we have created an effective network for affordable internet solutions to attack the most complex barriers. We collect the details of the need, quality the applicant using our unique resource platforms and recommend the best options. 

Partner Execution On the Ground

Our team volunteers and the network of partner organizations around the country work vigorously to bring the best individually customized solutions and services directly to the families in need.